30 Jul Unique South Florida HVAC refurbishment service saves hotels millions using emerging re-commissioning technology

Transform fan coil units into sustainable, state of the art energy savers.  Decades-old fan coil units may be saved rather than scrapped.


Davie, FL – AirRevive, a Florida commercial air conditioning refurbishment and re-commissioning service provider, recently published case studies validating its cutting edge service that brings hotel air conditioners up to thirty-five years old to “better than new” condition and operating performance.


Unique to both the HVAC and hospitality industry, AirRevive successfully developed a custom fan coil unit upgrade service that  dramatically reduces the direct energy by up to 80%. This affordable service is a fraction of the cost of replacements.


PR before and after horizontal FCU“AirRevive’s service eliminates the need for replacement coils. We’re saving asset owners millions of dollars by bringing decades-old fan coil units to better than new operating performance,” said Justin Del Sesto, President, AirRevive. “Our service combines custom fan coil refurbishment to address the unit’s deficiencies with retrofitting high efficiency electronic commutation motors (ECM). This combination results in a re-commissioned fan coil unit that operates to original design specifications and that performs better than new in terms of cooling and heating, energy consumed, and sound,” Del Sesto added.

AirRevive was created by the experts at ChemTron; a South Florida niche engineering and odor chemical manufacturer that has been refining engineering chemical solutions and HVAC cleaning processes for over thirty years.   “AirRevive designed its customized refurbishment process utilizing ChemTron’s proprietary cleaning technologies with best-of-breed parts and component replacement to create the perfect environment to retrofit EC motors,” says Del Sesto. “When retrofitting a few hundred motors in hotel guest rooms it is essential to have all the coils operating uniformly before rolling out the ECM program. AirRevive’s process does just this. It is proven to be the best practice to retrofit ECMs in hotel guest rooms.”

Hotel airflow before and after

Click image to view full case study of 30 year-old fan coil units with no to low airflow brought back to manufacturer’s specifications and better than new performance and efficiencies.


AirRevive’s case study results show that the EC motor’s performance is not maximized when retrofit into an un-refurbished unit. The study compared an EC motor retrofit into an AirRevive refurbished unit vs. a retrofit into an un-refurbished unit with a dirty coil.  The retrofit into the refurbished unit resulted in an additional 38% reduction in energy.



EC motors are recognized as a critical technology in increasing the efficiency of HVAC systems. State government programs and energy companies offer rebates and incentives for retrofitting EC motors.


The environmental impact goes beyond energy savings. The property avoids discarding hundreds to thousands of units by refurbishing and re-commissioning instead of trashing them.  Since the unit is never removed, potential soiling and contamination is also avoided, minimizing waste.


The end goal of AirRevive’s services is not only to extend the life of the asset, but to improve and maintain guest comfort.


AirRevive brings A/C units back to optimal efficiency, reducing humidity.

AirRevive brings A/C units back to optimal efficiency, reducing humidity.


The most palpable improvement is the cool, fresh air guests feel as soon as they enter the guestroom.  An AirRevive re-commissioning service case study demonstrates that relative room humidity was maintained below 66% signifying dry air. This creates a healthy, dry environment that also prevents mold spores. The dry room prevents odor from spreading and embedding into the room assets. Guests will also appreciate that their temperature set points are reached quickly and accurately and maintained throughout their stay.


Another noticeable improvement is the lack of A/C related noise. AirRevive re-commissioned units average about fifty decibels when standing directly in front of the unit. Fifty decibels is equivalent to a quiet street. The unit is barely audible from a distance.


“In our short history AirRevive has completed thousands of guest room units. This represents improved guest comfort for millions of guests and 10’s of millions of dollars saved for the asset owners,” said Del Sesto.


AirRevive re-commissioned vertical fan coil unitAirRevive can be worked into hotel re-commissioning projects, renovations, and operating environments.


“The success of our service with the nation’s largest asset owners, REITs, and hotel management companies of full service hotel properties under the flags of Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, W Hotels, Westin, among others, demonstrates the validity of AirRevive’s process,” said Del Sesto. “Our customers are the most demanding business people on the planet. They require best-in-class solutions that add value to their assets. AirRevive is delivering excellence, guest room by guest room.”



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