Energy is the largest controllable operating cost in most buildings.  The HVAC system is 40%+ of energy usage in most commercial buildings. AirRevive’s services focus on extending the life of existing HVAC assets and reducing HVAC energy costs from the chiller plant to the air handlers.


AirRevive refurbishes and re-commissions vertical, horizontal, packaged, and split air handler units.  Its services extend the life of the HVAC assets, improve indoor air quality and comfort, and reduce energy consumption. The service is Avendra-approved.


AirRevive’s chiller plant optimization service provides facilities managers and building engineers the ability to constantly commission their chiller plant operations through its real-time analytic dashboard.


AirRevive’s chemistry, people, and processes make it the industry leader.

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AirRevive’s services save energy, extend the life of the building’s HVAC assets, enhance guest comfort and improve guest satisfaction scores.


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Units Served
Fan Coil Units

AirRevive specializes in refurbishing and recommissioning vertical and horizontal fan coil units. The fan coil services are an alternative to replacement units at a fraction of the cost. The result is fan coil units that operate “as new”, are disinfected, run efficiently, and save energy.

Air Handler Units

AirRevive disinfects, cleans and deodorizes packaged and air handler units (AHU). Flexible scheduling allows for maintenance plans in units that need cleaning more often. AirRevive’s AHU deep clean results in up to 40% increase in static pressure.

Roof Top Units

AirRevive offers a specialized deep clean for roof top units (RTU). With years of experience navigating RTUs, expert technicians have unique processes and resourceful techniques cleaning and disinfecting hard to reach spaces.