Fan Coil Unit Refurbishment

AirRevive’s fan coil refurbishment service is a green process that improves indoor air quality, reduces energy usage, and extends the life of fan coil unit.

For a hotel the result is lower operating costs coupled with enhanced guest comfort and improved guest satisfaction scores.


Guest room fan coil refurbishment combines specialized cleaning utilizing ChemTron’s solutions with highly focused component replacement. The fan coil refurbishment process is the best practice to upgrade PSC motors to EC motors.


AirRevive’s refurbishment process is also the best practice after a rooms renovation.


AirRevive’s refurbishment service is available across the United States, Hawaii, Canada, and the Caribbean. Like all of AirRevive’s turnkey services, you can do it all with one phone call.

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Fan Coil Unit Refurbishment Includes

Rejuvenate the fan coil

Purpose: Clean and disinfect the coil. Increase airflow. Reduce coil and supply temperature. Reduce humidity. Improve guest room indoor air quality.

Recondition the blower assembly

Purpose: Improve the fan motor’s performance and reduce energy consumption. Improve guest room indoor air quality.

a. Clean and disinfect wheel
b. Clean and disinfect housing
c. Clean motor

Refurbish the condensate pan

Purpose: Stop pan from rusting. Clean and disinfect. Epoxy coating creates an impermeable surface that protects and seals the drain pan from leaks and enhances water flow drainage.

Clear the drain lines

Purpose: Clear out drain lines for proper drainage. Disinfect drain lines to eliminate bacteria and mal odors.

Replace fiber insulation with fiber-free foam anti-microbial thermal insulation

Purpose: Improve indoor air quality and reduce noise. Anti-microbial fiber-free foam insulation is mold and mildew resistant. The foam insulation reduces fan motor noise. The foam insulation improves airflow. Eliminate bacteria living in fiber insulation. Eliminate fiber from getting stuck in the coil and floating in the air. Eliminate allergens caused by fiber insulation.

Retrofit Pipe/Supply Line

Purpose: Fittings allow for easier connections. Replace pipes below actuator with flexible stainless steel pipes and add fittings rather than welded to coil.

Replace isolation and control valve

Purpose: Stop leaks to save energy and make unit more efficient.  Fix leaking control valves that waste energy. Fix leaking control valves that negatively impact the HVAC performance and cause chiller energy inefficiency.

Component Retrofits

Purpose: Replace existing components with top of the line equipment so that the refurbished fan coil unit is superior to any off the shelf fan coil unit in the marketplace. Click here to learn about upgrading PSC motors to EC motors.

Cost Savings Benefits

  • Reduce energy consumption 
  • Save thousands per unit compared to cost of replacement units
  • Extend the life of the asset
  • Save on construction associated expense and labor
  • Reduce service calls
  • Minimize downtime, we work in operating environments

Guest Comfort

  • Minimize noise
  • Supply air temperature gets colder, faster
  • Decrease humidity
  • Accurate temperature set points
  • Eliminate HVAC odors
  • Reduce or eliminate A/C related customer service calls


  • Utilize Green Certified processes, no hazardous chemicals & EPA registered proprietary products
  • Re-use of existing materials, minimizing waste
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Better HVAC environmental hygiene