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Green Service: The secret sauce to bringing aged A/C’s to new condition


Full service hotels have an opportunity to reduce energy bills by 20+% and eliminate A/C related guest complaints. Discover AirRevive’s secret sauce to bringing aged units back to as-new operation and better than new performance.


unit after insulation pipingThe U.S. Department of Energy reports full service hotel guestroom energy consumption is higher than limited service accounting for 40 – 80 percent of energy use in the hospitality. The number rises dependent on location’s climate. Aged guest room fan coil units cause unnecessary increases in utility bills and unwanted guest complaints and service calls. AirRevive, the leader in HVAC refurbishment and re-commissioning services, created a process to reduce energy bills by 20% and significantly improve guest comfort.


AirRevive’s service begins with a complimentary site inspection and mock up to identify the scope of work including simple solutions to reduce energy waste. The most common source of energy waste is an impacted/dirty coil. When the coils are impacted it takes longer to heat and cool the air. AirRevive rejuvenates the coils from the front and back to deep within the coil core. AirRevive’s specialized tools, chemicals, and refined processes are demonstrably better than what the average facility manager can deploy. Once the coils are rejuvenated, coil temperature and supply temperature drop. Airflow increases. The results are units that heat and cool faster, save energy and enhance guest comfort. Humidity is reduced. Indoor air quality is improved.


Another common source of energy waste is simultaneous heating and cooling from leaking-by control valves. AirRevive’s technicians are trained to fix this on the spot as needed.


During refurbishment every part and component of the unit is cleaned and disinfected. Fiber insulation is replaced with mold and mildew resistant fiber-free foam thermal insulation, improving air quality. Removing the fiber insulation eliminates fiber from getting stuck in the coil and floating in the air. AirRevive also performs as needed customized services such as structural repair.


Also reducing energy is to upgrade the PSC motor with a high efficiency electronic commutation (EC) motor. EC motors have less susceptibility to mechanical wear, generate less noise, generate less heat, and have full variable speed.


The condition of every unit in the building is not the same, different units may need different services. The amount of dirt and debris impacting the coils vary.  It is the best practice to have all the buildings fan coil units clean, working uniformly and optimized before programming an EC motor. The secret sauce to bringing units to new condition is the combination of the following ingredients: cabinet refurbishment; coil rejuvenation; control valve replacement as needed; parts and components replacement as needed; structural repair; insulation replacement; and the EC motor retrofit. The recipe is AirRevive’s process. If the coil is not rejuvenated, the EC motor roll out across the building will not be consistent. Utilizing EC motors, the airflow is programmed specifically to the fan coil unit’s manufacturer’s specifications. The result is a re-commissioned unit.


It is the best practice to rejuvenate the coils when retrofitting EC motors. AirRevive compared an EC motor retrofit into a unit with impacted coils vs. a retrofit into a unit with rejuvenated coils. The retrofit into a unit with rejuvenated coils consumed 38% less energy than the retrofit into dirty coils.


The benefits to the facility are the following:

  1. The facility consumes 20% less energy directly related to efficiently operating fan coil units.
  2. The facility saves in labor and expenses by eliminating fan coil unit related customer service calls and malfunctions.
  3. The facility saves additional energy at the chiller by:
    • Reducing the work required at the guest room level to maintain temperature set point reduces chiller work load; and
    • Reducing the delta between the chilled water supply and return temperature results in less work for the chiller to maintain the loop’s temperature set point.
  4. The indoor air quality is improved in all guest rooms.
  5. The guest rooms cool and heat faster and maintain temperature set point.
  6. Improved guest comfort and guest satisfaction by quiet, properly functioning HVAC units.
  7. The facility lends to its sustainability efforts by avoiding discarding hundreds to thousands of pieces of scrap metal.


AirRevive services all major hotel brands including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton and Sheraton. AirRevive services the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

U.S. & Canadian HVAC Services Join Forces to Bring New Technology to Canadian Hotels

Best of breed fan coil unit refurbishment and high efficiency EC motor retrofit services to re-commission fan coil units now available in Canada


Canada and US

Davie, FLAirRevive, the leader in sustainable commercial HVAC refurbishment and re-commissioning services, announced its services are available to the Canadian market through AJM Solutions Group Inc., a Canadian in-room climate and energy efficiency solutions provider. The service in Canada is called AirRevive by AJM Solutions Group.


The combination in Canada of AirRevive’s services with AJM Solutions Group brings best of breed fan coil unit rejuvenation, refurbishment, valve replacement, and high efficiency EC motor retrofit services to Canada. AirRevive by AJM Solutions Group will also offer air handler unit (AHU) and rooftop unit (RTU) air handler unit asset protection and preventive maintenance services.


Headquartered in Davie, Florida, AirRevive’s fan coil unit re-commissioning service is widely accepted among the hospitality industry’s top brands and leading REITs as the best practice to bring aged fan coil units to like-new operation and condition and better-than-new performance. AirRevive’s coil rejuvenation process is proven to be the best practice to retrofit the fan motors with high efficiency EC motors, which save up to 80% in direct energy consumption and expense. The sustainable service extends the life of assets 40+ years old by an additional 10 years or more.


“AirRevive is excited to work with AJM Solutions Group to bring its industry-leading fan coil unit re-commissioning services to Canada”, said AirRevive President, Justin Del Sesto. “Now Canadian property owners, asset managers, building facility managers, building engineers, and contractors will have access to AirRevive’s best practices and processes to extend the life of HVAC assets.”


Andy Mastroianni stated, “Today’s announcement with AirRevive is another solid step in our journey to focus on our core roots, while building a foundation for products and services we can offer to the Canadian marketplace. We are excited about this partnership which will provide new and innovative ways for our customers to extend the lifespan of their existing fan coil units and reduce energy consumption by a substantial amount, which is key to our energy efficiency focus moving forward.”


“Multi-family buildings, assisted living facilities, and the Canadian hospitality industry will all benefit from having AirRevive’s best in class services delivered by Canada’s leading in-room HVAC service provider”, added Del Sesto.



About AirRevive

AirRevive refurbishes and re-commissions vertical, horizontal, packaged and split air handler units. AirRevive deploys preventive maintenance and asset protection solutions for air handler units and roof top units. AirRevive’s sustainable solutions extend the life of HVAC assets and reduce energy consumption from the chiller plant to the air handlers.


AirRevive’s in-room turnkey service begins with a site inspection, site survey, and energy calculations. The HVAC refurbishment and re-commissioning services include labor, proprietary processes and chemical solutions, parts upgrades and project management. Projects are completed within continuously occupied buildings and during building renovations. For more information, please visit


About AJM Solutions Group

AJM Solutions Group Inc. is Canada’s leading supplier of in-room systems and solutions to the hospitality industry and retirement or assisted living facilities. Partnered with leading-edge technology companies, AJM Solutions Group Inc. provides through the wall heating and cooling systems and energy management systems to both new construction sites and retrofit initiatives. AJM Solutions Group is committed to providing professional service and solutions and has developed a reputation for on-time delivery, technical knowledge and quality service. For more information on products and services, please visit

The Most Important Hotel Guest Room Amenity: Invisible, Often Overlooked, Yet Always Sensed.

By Justin Del Sesto, AirRevive President


sensesMy five year old son asked me the other day how we know that the air and the wind exist if we can’t see them. My obvious response was that we use our senses to feel, smell, hear, and even taste the air and wind. His question got me to thinking about hotel guest room air quality.


As president of AirRevive, my focus is refurbishing hotel air conditioning systems up to 50 years old to operate like new and perform better than new. In this position I constantly travel from city to city and hotel to hotel. I typically spend more nights per week in a hotel guest room than at home. When I check in I’m looking to plug in the lap top, take off the shoes and tie, and settle in to finish the day’s work. As a leisure traveler who cherishes the much needed vacation I expect the hotel guest room to provide a comfortable space away from home so that we may enjoy our family time together.


Along my travels when I open the hotel guest room door I am frequently assaulted by the air conditioning. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of a cool damp room. Loud noiseToo much humidity. Other times it’s the foul smelling odor. Mildew. Then there’s the Goldilocks too hot or too cold. Sometimes it’s the rattle or vibration angling to keep me up all night. The
feeling of dread overwhelms me. I’m immediately distracted from my own priorities because my room is uncomfortable. Frustrated and tired I have few good options: go back downstairs to change rooms, call housekeeping to request it be fixed, or accept my unfortunate fate.


Reflecting on my travel experiences, it seems that the air conditioning system is the most overlooked guest room amenity. Yet its impact on guest comfort is undeniable. There’s the fancy TV. The electronic shades. The classy soap. The puffy pillows. But when the air conditioning is malfunctioning it is the first amenity I notice when entering the room. Then the thermostat is the first thing that I touch. It’s the last and only aspect of the room and even the property that I remember when I leave. All the other room amenities are meaningless when the air conditioning assaults my senses.


When the air conditioning isn’t working correctly there is no way to be comfortable and enjoy the room or any of its other amenities. When it works correctly I don’t even think about it. I never touch the thermostat. I comfortably settle in to enjoy the room and its other amenities. Satisfaction achieved. Out of sight and invisible, it may not be seen by guests, but it is always sensed.


For a sustainable solution to bring existing fan coil units to like new operation and better than new performance contact AirRevive. To keep up with the latest fan coil unit refurbishment and re-commissioning innovations follow AirRevive.



Transform aged air conditioners into sustainable, state-of-the-art energy savers. Decades old units may be saved rather than scrapped.

Davie, FL – AirRevive, a Florida commercial air conditioning refurbishment and re-commissioning service provider, recently published case studies validating its cutting edge service that brings hotel air conditioners up to thirty-five years old to “better than new” condition and operating performance.


Unique to both the HVAC and hospitality industry, AirRevive successfully developed a custom fan coil unit upgrade service that  dramatically reduces the direct energy by up to 80%. This affordable service is a fraction of the cost of replacements.

“AirRevive’s service eliminates the need for replacement coils. We’re saving asset owners millioPR before and after horizontal FCUns of dollars by bringing decades-old fan coil units to better than new operating performance,” said Justin Del Sesto, President, AirRevive. “Our service combines custom fan coil refurbishment to address the unit’s deficiencies with retrofitting high efficiency electronic commutation motors (ECM). This combination results in a re-commissioned fan coil unit that operates to original design specifications and that performs better than new in terms of cooling and heating, energy consumed, and sound,” Del Sesto added.


AirRevive was created by the experts at ChemTron; a South Florida niche engineering and odor chemical manufacturer that has been refining engineering chemical solutions and HVAC cleaning processes for over thirty years.   “AirRevive designed its customized refurbishment process utilizing ChemTron’s proprietary cleaning technologies with best-of-breed parts and component replacement to create the perfect environment to retrofit EC motors,” says Del Sesto. “When retrofitting a few hundred motors in hotel guest rooms it is essential to have all the coils operating uniformly before rolling out the ECM program. AirRevive’s process does just this. It is proven to be the best practice to retrofit ECMs in hotel guest rooms.”


Airflow before and after AirRevive service


AirRevive’s case study results show that the EC motor’s performance is not maximized when retrofit into an un-refurbished unit. The study compared an EC motor retrofit into an AirRevive refurbished unit vs. a retrofit into an un-refurbished unit with a dirty coil.  The retrofit into the refurbished unit resulted in an additional 38% reduction in energy.


AirRevive ECM RPM


EC motors are recognized as a critical technology in increasing the efficiency of HVAC systems. State government programs and energy companies offer rebates and incentives for retrofitting EC motors.


The environmental impact goes beyond energy savings. The property avoids discarding hundreds to thousands of units by refurbishing and re-commissioning instead of trashing them.  Since the unit is never removed, potential soiling and contamination is also avoided, minimizing waste.


The end goal of AirRevive’s services is not only to extend the life of the asset, but to improve and maintain guest comfort.

AirRevive brings A/C units back to optimal efficiency, reducing humidity.

AirRevive brings A/C units back to optimal efficiency, reducing humidity.


The most palpable improvement is the cool, fresh air guests feel as soon as they enter the guest room.  An AirRevive re-commissioning service case study demonstrates that relative room humidity was maintained below 66% signifying dry air. This creates a healthy, dry environment that also prevents mold spores. The dry room prevents odor from spreading and embedding into the room assets. Guests will also appreciate that their temperature set points are reached quickly and accurately and maintained throughout their stay.


Another noticeable improvement is the lack of A/C related noise. AirRevive re-commissioned units average about fifty decibels when standing directly in front of the unit. Fifty decibels is equivalent to a quiet street. The unit is barely audible from a distance.


“In our short history AirRevive has completed thousands of guest room units. This represents improved guest comfort for millions of guests and 10’s of millions of dollars saved for the asset owners,” said Del Sesto.


AirRunit after insulation pipingevive can be worked into hotel re-commissioning projects, renovations, and operating environments.


“The success of our service with the nation’s largest asset owners, REITs, and hotel management companies of full service hotel properties under the flags of Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, W Hotels, Westin, among others, demonstrates the validity of AirRevive’s process,” said Del Sesto. “Our customers are the most demanding business people on the planet. They require best-in-class solutions that add value to their assets. AirRevive is delivering excellence, guest room by guest room.”



Emerging A/C technology brings hotels sustainable and affordable HVAC solutions

The most common challenges in providing a comfortable hotel environment include cost, sound control and humidity. The most frequent complaint regarding comfort focuses on the temperature being too hot or too cold. – according to a recent study conducted by Clear Seas Research.


AirRevive guestroom fan coil unit refurbishment and re-commissioning services are sustainable, inexpensive alternatives to replacement units and ongoing maintenance issues resulting in energy savings and improved guest comfort.


Turnkey services that slash energy costs

AirRevive re-commissioning costs less than replacement units and reduces guest room fan coil unit energy costs by up to 80%.  Click here to view energy savings data on AirRevive’s projects.


It is the best practice to have all the building’s fan coil units clean, working uniformly and optimized before programming an EC motor.  By optimizing the building’s fan coil units ahead of time, the EC motor program roll out is efficient and uniform.


AirRevive combines its fan coil refurbishment process with EC motor (ECM) installations to re-commission hotel guestroom fan coil units.


Utilizing EC motors, the airflow is programmed specifically to the fan coil unit’s manufacturer’s specifications. The result is a re-commissioned unit.


AirRevive’s EC motor retrofit service extends the life of the fan coil unit and brings its operating performance to the highest standards.


Air conditioning sound is reduced significantly. Typically after the EC motor retrofit, sound is reduced to the equivalent of less than a whisper.


AirRevive reduces guestroom relative humidity by up to 25%!


AirRevive conducted a case study comparing a hotel guest room fan coil unit with a PSC motor to a unit AirRevive refurbished and retrofitted with an EC motor (AirRevive recommissioned unit).


The AirRevive unit retrofit with an EC motor is represented by the orange line; the unit with a PSC motor is represented by the blue line.


The re-commissioned unit represented in orange produces lower relative humidity and maintains it at a constant level.


AirRevive’s re-commissioned unit maintains relative humidity below a dry 65% during August in New York City.



AirRevive brings A/C units back to optimal efficiency, reducing humidity.

AirRevive brings A/C units back to optimal efficiency, reducing humidity.


The  data demonstrates that the EC motor maintained guest room relative humidity within a narrow band while the PSC motor produced relative humidity that fluctuated widely.


The most frequent complaint regarding guest room comfort focuses on the temperature being too hot or too cold.


Heating and cooling to the intended temperature set takes longer when fan coil units are not working at their optimal performance. The air tends to blow very cold or hot at first as the unit works towards reaching the intended temperature set. Reaching the accurate temperature may take some time.


AirRevive re-commissioned units reach the intended temperature sets quickly and accurately. This is demonstrated by a case study measuring guest room temperature over time.


In the graph below, the PSC motor represented by the blue lines produced guest room temperature that varied widely between 54 degrees and 68 degrees.


The unit retrofit with an EC motor represented by the orange lines produced guest room temperature that fluctuated narrowly between 64 degrees to 68 degrees. AirRevive’s room temperature is constant maintaining a comfortable guest room environment.


The data demonstrates that the unit retrofit with an EC motor maintained the guest room temperature within a 4 degree variance while the PSC motor produced guest room temperature that varied between 14 degrees.

return temperature Airrevive case study

AirRevive guest room fan coil unit refurbishment and re-commissioning services are sustainable, inexpensive alternatives to replacement units and ongoing maintenance issues resulting in energy savings and improved guest comfort.



AirRevive is often engaged to refurbish hotel guest room fan coil units with a hotel guestroom renovation project.


coil/insulation before and after AirRevive FCU refurbishmentAirRevive compiled a series of photographs taken of fan coil units that were exposed to a guest room renovation. The photos are from various properties.


AirRevive’s specialty is refurbishing and re-commissioning fan coil units. AirRevive educates its partners including hotel asset owners, hotel management companies, and hotel brands about a guest room renovation’s impact on the guest room fan coil units.


The bottom line is what is inside the fan coil unit is circulated through the guest room air; over and over.


Debris caked on this burnt out motor was discovered during refurbishment after renovation.

Debris caked on this burnt out motor was discovered during refurbishment after renovation.

Dust and debris from a renovation settling in the fan coil unit ultimately negatively impacts indoor air quality. It increases allergens. It may also damage the asset, inhibit proper operation, and shorten its lifespan.
AirRevive’s fan coil refurbishment services guarantee that post-renovation indoor air quality is of the highest quality.


The refurbishment service is not only for post-renovation. AirRevive’s fan coil unit refurbishment service extends the life of the asset and avoids the need for replacements. It is alairrevive refurbishment after renovation3so an affordable alternative to purchasing replacement units or attempting to “slip-in” a fan coil unit.


And since AirRevive utilizes superior parts to any off-the-shelf replacement or “slip-in” model, its fan coil re-commissioning service preserves the units that were designed for the building and results in units that perform better than replacement alternatives.

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