Chiller Plant Optimization

Optimize existing chiller plant equipment to save substantial energy.

AirRevive’s chiller plant optimization service provides energy analytics and optimization for the real-time analysis of a commercial building’s energy efficiency and performance so that existing equipment operates as efficiently as possible.


Using wireless sensors and data point triangulation energy inefficiencies and actionable insights to optimize building energy efficiency are identified and provided on an easy to use dashboard in real-time. Utilizing the dashboard facility managers and engineers go beyond traditional controls and objectively see what’s going on in their building and proactively detect and troubleshoot problems rather than wait for monthly utility bills.

Documented chiller plant energy savings up to 40%

By optimizing utilization of existing chiller plant equipment through constant commissioning AirRevive has documented chiller plant energy savings up to 40%. Energy efficiency translates directly to monthly energy cost reductions.


Heating and air-conditioning systems account for about 42 percent of the total energy use in most commercial buildings. Even a slight improvement in the operating efficiency of these HVAC components translates into big cuts in energy use and costs.


Suppose the average load on a large chiller plant is 3,000 tons. If a manager can improve its average operating efficiency from 0.91 kW/ton to 0.70 kW/ton, the monthly savings will top $27,000, assuming an average electricity cost of $0.06 per kWh. Given these potential savings AirRevive’s chiller plant optimization service typically pays for itself immediately.

Cloud-based technology provides the ability to see, predict and prescribe corrective action in real-time, resulting in significant financial impact and unprecedented results.

AirRevive’s proprietary solutions aggregate data from existing building management systems (BMS systems) and its proprietary wireless sensors and uses comprehensive mathematical models to process thousands of data points and operational variables in real-time via a secure Internet connection. Real-time fault detection of inefficiencies is provided by detailed cause, specific corrective action and complete financial impact associated with each fault.


It is the real-time computational analysis, processing and data point triangulation that is unable to be provided by today’s premise-based servers and the related control and energy management software most often found within enterprise facilities and engineering departments that sets AirRevive’s solution apart from other solutions.

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Receive real-time analytical insight into the operation of the entire chilled water loop on an easy to use dashboard.
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Benefits of AirRevive’s chiller plant optimization program:

Low-cost subscription service provides our customers with direct energy cost savings within 30 days of deployment.



AirRevive’s holistic approach to peak performance draws upon a deep understanding of mechanical engineering, controls, software and analytics. This knowledge is built right into our solutions.

Achieve peak performance

AirRevive begins by completing a chiller plant energy survey to assess the building’s current design and efficiency. Then we produce a report that includes an estimate of the plant’s achievable peak performance and calculate annual energy savings.

Benchmarking and trends

AirRevive’s customers are able to see how their building compares relative to buildings like theirs and track efficiency trends over time.

Building health and efficiency

AirRevive’s real-time monitoring and interactive dashboards provide engineers and executives with greater control and visibility over their sites, helping them reduce occupant complaints, improve troubleshooting, and better manage vendors and sub-contractors.

Predictive alerting

AirRevive’s solution is able to identify inefficiency patterns and anomalies in energy performance and notify users based on a set of built-in fault detection requirements, allowing them to catch and diagnose problems before they become costly and to ensure potential savings are not lost when changes are made.

Stop Energy Waste and Excess Spend

Make your commercial building more self-aware and efficient, effectively lowering your building’s annual total energy costs by an average 15%.

Implementing the AirRevive chiller plant optimization service is easy!

Boost Green Initiatives

Jump-start or improve your organization’s energy conservation and sustainability initiatives. Start taking advantage of fiscal benefits and green credits sooner.

Pre-implementation Report

AirRevive will survey your plant operation and produce a report with estimated savings before you invest in the service so that you know how your investment will pay off.

Fast Implementation

Optimize your system in as little as 30 days through our cloud-based technology, smart sensors and meters, and begin using live dashboards and predictive analytics right away.