Fan Coil Unit Refurbishment 

JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead


True luxury is found at the JW Marriott Buckhead in the heart of this business, shopping and entertainment district. All 367 spacious PURE allergy friendly guestrooms have city views of downtown Buckhead.


The property engaged AirRevive to refurbish the 377 Whalen vertical fan coil units manufactured in 1988.

Fan Coil Units Manufacturer: Whalen

Models#: W304 & W404

Project Scope of Work: Guest room vertical fan coil unit refurbishment.


Challenges: The guest rooms were not cooling and heating correctly. Airflow was insufficient to cool the room properly. The temperature set point was not reached consistently. Odor was coming from the units due to improper cooling creating humidity and mildew and dirty units and degraded insulation trapping odor.


  • Coil temperature averaged 53.61℉.
  • Supply temperature averaged 56.05℉.
  • Average airflow was 749 FPM.


Solutions: The project’s goal was to bring the units back to efficient operation and as-designed operational performance by increasing airflow, lowering supply and coil temperature. 

The solutions included: 

  • Refurbish the units including rejuvenating the coils to increase airflow and enhance heat transfer.
  • Disinfect and deodorize the units to remove odors; and
  • Replace fiber insulation with anti-microbial fiber-free foam insulation to reduce sound and odor and remove fiber floating around the unit.


  • Coil temperature dropped by 7% from an average of 54℉ to 50℉; coil temperatures were below 53 ℉.
  • Supply temperature dropped by an average 6.6% from 56℉ to 52℉.
  • Airflow increased by 24% from an average of 749.6 FPM to 913.1 FPM.
  • Temperature set is reached quickly and accurately.


Property Testimonial 

Download JW Marriott Buckhead Testimonial PDF – Click here to view testimonial.


Before & After Airflow Data

The graph below displays  before and after FPM airflow on high fan setting. The red line from left to right demonstrates the airflow before service from low to high ranged from 290 FPM to 1050 FPM. The blue line demonstrates the airflow after service within the manufacturer’s design target. The horizontal axis represents the room numbers.


FPM Airflow JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead


Before & After Supply Temperature Data

The graph below displays before and after supply temperature. The red line from left to right demonstrates the supply temperature before service from high to low ranged from 69 degrees to 51 degrees averaging 56 degrees. The blue line demonstrates the supply temperature after service averaging 52 degrees. The horizontal axis represents the room numbers.


Supply Temperature JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead

JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead Testimonial


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