13 May Take a look inside guestroom A/C after hotel renovations

AirRevive is often engaged to refurbish hotel guestroom fan coil units with a hotel guestroom renovation project.

AirRevive compiled a series of photographs taken of fan coil units that were exposed to a guestroom renovation. The photos are from various properties.

AirRevive refurbishment after renovationAirRevive’s specialty is refurbishing and re-commissioning fan coil units. AirRevive educates its partners including hotel asset owners, hotel management companies, and hotel brands about a guestroom renovation’s impact on the guestroom fan coil units.

The bottom line is what is inside the fan coil unit is circulated through the guestroom air; over and over.

Dust and debris from a renovation settling in the fan coil unit ultimately negatively impacts indoor air quality. It increases allergens. It may also damage the asset, inhibit proper operation, and shorten its lifespan.

Click here to view the photo series.AirRevive service coil and insulation after renovation9

AirRevive’s fan coil refurbishment services guarantee that post-renovation indoor air quality is of the highest quality. This improves guest comfort and satisfaction. It also protects the asset and extends its life.

The refurbishment service is not only for post-renovation. AirRevive’s fan coil unit refurbishment service is an affordable alternative to purchasing replacement units or attempting to “slip-in” a fan coil unit.

And since AirRevive utilizes superior parts to any off-the-shelf replacement or “slip-in” model, its fan coil re-commissioning service preserves the units that were designed for the building and results in units that perform better than replacement alternatives.

For more information about AirRevive and why its service is an integral piece of a hotel guestroom renovation visit airrevive.com 


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