06 Aug Hyatt Regency Greenwich upgrades guestroom A/C’s with green refurbishment process using emerging re-commissioning technology

AirRevive transforms Greenwich Hyatt Regency guestroom A/C units into state-of-the-art energy savers 

Hyatt Regency GreenwichDavie. FL  – Business and leisure traveler’s relish in the tranquil and elegant atmosphere at the famed Hyatt Regency Greenwich. This AAA Four Diamond offers the modern conveniences needed for business in a peaceful and stylish residential environment.

The resort’s key message “Style, redefined” communicates the balance of creating ever more unique guest experiences while committing to eco-friendly business practices. When it came to upgrading the guestroom air conditioning units (AKA fan coil units), the Hyatt Regency Greenwich continues to demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship by re-commissioning their existing guestroom fan coil units as an alternative to new replacement units.

The Hyatt Regency Greenwich engaged AirRevive, a niche HVAC refurbishment and re-commissioning service company, to upgrade the guestroom fan coil units for optimal efficiency and guest comfort.

Guest comfort improvements include a significant decrease in humidity. AirRevive data records and case studies demonstrate relative room humidity measuring below 66% signifying dry air. This creates a healthy, dry environment preventing mold spores. The dry room also prevents odor from spreading and embedding into the room assets.

AirRevive brings A/C units back to optimal efficiency, reducing humidity.
AirRevive brings A/C units back to optimal efficiency, reducing humidity.humidity measuring below 66% signifying dry air. This creates a healthy, dry environment preventing mold spores. The dry room also prevents odor from spreading and embedding into the room assets.

Guests will also notice their temperature set points are reached quickly and accurately.


One of the biggest guest comfort benefits is the lack of A/C related noise. AirRevive re-commissioned units average about fifty decibels when standing directly in front of the unit. Fifty Decibels is equivalent to a quiet street. The unit is barely audible from a distance.


Stakeholders and management will also reap the benefits in cost savings. An AirRevive re-commissioned unit is less expensive than replacements. Most importantly, AirRevive re-commissioned units save up to 80% in fan coil unit energy.


AirRevive manages to transform 5-35 year old guestroom fan coil units into modern day energy savers. Several factors contribute to this technological breakthrough. AirRevive replaces the unit’s PSC motors with an electronic commutation motors (EC motors). EC motors use variable frequency drive (VFD) technology. VFDs have proven their value in a wide variety of applications where energy can be saved by reducing the speed of a motor.  Energy Star, state government programs and energy companies offer rebates and incentives for retrofitting EC motors.


EC motors torque and RPMs are programmed to a controller.  Once programmed the controller maintains constant functioning. Retrofitting the EC motor alone will not guarantee the maximum efficiency and comfort as described above.


If the cabinet is not upgraded and the coils are not rejuvenated to return to the manufacturer’s specifications, the EC motor program will not be optimized.


AirRevive refurbishes fan coil units as the best practice to have all the building’s fan coil units clean, working uniformly and optimized before programming an EC motor. Refurbishment includes cleaning and disinfecting the entire unit. AirRevive installs fiber-free foam anti-microbial insulation, reducing sound and improving airflow. Site inspections determine a highly focused component replacement process. For example, AirRevive is replacing The Hyatt Regency Greenwich’s control valves and electric heaters on an as needed basis.


The AirRevive refurbishment process brings units back to the manufacturer’s specification perfecting air flow and heat transfer. They are now ready to be retrofitted with the EC motor.

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The sustainability impact goes beyond energy savings. The property has avoided discarding close to 400 units (scrap metal). Since the unit is never removed, potential soiling and contamination is avoided, minimizing waste.

AirRevive is currently re-commissioning the Hyatt Regency Greenwich’s units in phases. AirRevive provides flexible schedules sensitive to the hotel’s operating environment.


AirRevive technicians are notorious for being “invisible” to hotel guests and staff.  Units are re-commissioned within one day, returning the guestroom in optimal condition.


AirRevive’s process and component replacement, including the EC motor retrofit result in the existing FCUs’ performance superior to commercial off-the-shelf replacement models and slip-in units available in the marketplace.


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