07 Aug AirRevive to bring sustainability in climate control to The Driskill Hotel in Austin

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By Debbie Hall


Company shows savings in restoring equipment, consumption 


The-Driskill-HotelWhen it comes to hospitality, climate control is an important factor in guest comfort.  With rising costs and depleting materials, AirRevive, a Davie, Florida. commercial air conditioning refurbishment service provider, has developed a method to refurbishing the guestroom air conditioning units, and retrofitting the motors with new programmable EC motors and replacing the chilled water supply control valves.


While engineers and contractors might understand the specific technological terms; CEOs, CFOs, hotel owners and operators and those handling the budgets will understand the project savings. The method is sustainable, reduces energy usage, and noise as well as maintaining consistent temperatures.


AirRevive will be refurbishing air conditioning units for the original and  new tower in the classic hotel, The Driskill Hotel, in Austin in July.


The biggest market so far is buildings erected from the 1980s to 2000. While the equipment is in need of refurbishing, it does not need to beDriskill room-view replaced nor does the building need to be demolished.


With its process, fan coil energy usage is reduced by up to 80 percent (which creates the cool air), the average coil temperature drop is 11 percent and during the tour, air conditioning noise was reduced from 62 decibels to 50 decibels, a reduction of 20 percent.


AirRevive uses proprietary alkaline-based cleaning chemicals from its parent company, ChemTron, to pull soil and organic material from
the coil’s core to clean and disinfect all parts and components inside the cabinet. AirRevive’s process works within the air conditioner cabinet raustin driskill control valve 3ather than taking it out of the wall. Since the unit is never removed, thousands of units can be reused rather than discarded.


The AirRevive refurbishment disinfects the coil, drain line, and pan. It replaces worn-out fiber insulation with anti-microbial foam insulation. All of these are hiding place for allergens. Fewer allergens mean better air quality and easier breathing. The deep cleaning also kills bacteria that cause malodors and viruses that thrive in air conditioning systems.


clean coil driskill

Local companies  (plumbing/electricians) were contracted by AirRevive to work on the project. Although AirRevive’s program has so far involved the hospitality and municipal industries, the company is expanding to other commercial businesses and multifamily housing.


Recently, AirRevive demonstrated the process in Las Vegas. AirRevive President Justin Del Sesto believes “in this company because it has its own technologies with fan coil units. It is all about making the guest experience better. The equipment is cleaned, disinfected and doesn’t need to be replaced.”  According to Del Sesto, “this makes the business interesting and very future forward.”


For more information, visit airrevive.com.

– See more at: http://austin.informermg.com/2015/03/31/airrevive-bring-sustainability-climate-control-driskall-hotel-austin/#sthash.ZrmKOnII.dpuf

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