22 Apr AirRevive set to refurbish Little Rock Marriott’s guestroom air conditioners

little rock marriott Davie, FL – April 22, 2015 – AirRevive LLC, a leader  in fan coil refurbishment and re-commissioning service for commercial clients, announced today the upcoming refurbishment project at Little Rock Marriott.

Considered one of the premiere hotels in Little Rock, Arkansas, this wedding haven continues to raise the bar after its 17 million dollar renovation. Little Rock Marriott recently completed its “soup to nuts” conversion involving a complete overhaul of the property’s look, amenities and infrastructure. The last piece of this project will be the overhaul of the property’s guestroom fan coil units.

“Historically we find that the fan coil refurbishment service complements a rooms renovation“ said Justin Del Sesto, President of AirRevive LLC. “Renovation dust takes years off the life of the asset. It adds allergens to the air. We recommend the fan coil refurbishment planned after the guestroom renovations” continued Del Sesto.

AirRevive will be refurbishing the hotel’s 418 guestroom air conditioners. In line with Little Rock’s energy saving program, refurbished units reduce kilowatt usage. It is also the sustainable alternative to replacement units. Refurbishing the units not only extends the life of the asset, the property also avoided discarding over 400 pieces of scrap metal.

AirRevive refurbishment also focuses on indoor air quality. The units are cleaned, disinfected and deodorized, removing dust, dirt and grime from every inch of the unit. The blower assembly is removed and cleaned; insulation is replaced with new fiber-free foam anti-microbial thermal insulation.

About AirRevive

AirRevive refurbishes and re-commissions vertical, horizontal, packaged, and split air handler units. AirRevive’s sustainable services focus on extending the life of existing HVAC assets and energy efficiency from the chiller plant to the air handlers. The results are reduced energy bills, improved indoor air quality and guest comfort.


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